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J.S.E. Information Services was founded in 1980 by Jason S Eldridge. Originally the company was formed to obain federal government documents for a school report. Times have changed and so has the company. Today J.S.E. Information Services provides computer consulting and technical support to a variety of clients including universities, government and non-profit groups.

Currently the main focus of JSE Information Services is developing a site dedicated to Canadian Aviation.

About Jason S. Eldridge

Jason S. Eldridge started JSE Information Services as a way to obtain government information needed for a school project, over the years information gathering has been a growing ability - the focus of the information has changed, currently international tourism information is being reduced from the collections as the internet has become the key tool for most people - as Jason has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years working onboard HMCS DISCOVERY in Vancouver there are a number of resources related to military history in the collection but the true passion is keeping the story of Avro Canada and Orenda Engines Limited alive for future generations. To learn more about Avro, Orenda and the people who worked there, please visit AvroLand: A site dedicated to the people and aircraft of Avro Canada and Orenda Engines Limited.

Jason is the Past President of the Junior Ranks Mess known as Deadman's Pub onboard HMCS DISCOVERY.

Past projects have included assisting with the creation of easy to use databases for St. John Ambulance (photo I.D. system), Surrey Emergency Social Services Volunteer Committee (data tracking System), design of server rooms at Children's & Women's Health Centre of BC and TeeKay Shipping in Vancouver, BC.

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Other sites created by J.S.E. Information Services:

AvroLand - A site dedicated to Avro Canada & Orenda Engines Ltd
Reach for the Stars Montessori Learning Academy - Vancouver, BC


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